More book covers from the book market in Lviv here.  Have been trying to make groups of those that share similar visual aspects but they're all so uniquely out there in their appearance that this is proving pretty difficult!  So here's another disparate and colourful bundle for now - more to come soon.

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  1. By the way, the third cover is a book of science-popular series under label "Эврика" (Eureka). In this book series, Soviet publishing house called "Молодая гвардия" (Young Guard) realized the books promoted scientific knowledge in popular and often half-humour style (any way, concering a book design and illustrations).

    This one (in your post) is a monograph book (E. Romantzev. The Predictable Micacles), but also there were published diaries-collections of most interesting science-popular articles from Soviet and foreign press for a year. My home library has a whole shelf with them.

    Still I have to add that artist Yu. Aratovsky (who has illustrated the book that posted here) is my favourite illustrator in Eureka series.

    Alexander S.