Jewish Colouring Books

These amazing Jewish colouring books printed in Israel are a feast of vibrant colour, satisfyingly grainy print quality and, best of all, some adorably mental goings on.

The oversized elderly gentleman in the chair who looks quite affable. Until you notice the large and blue hand, casually resting there. The nurse preparing to inject two children in catsuits. The policeman and soldier - chatting casually with the man in a zebra costume. The deranged chef with the League of Gentleman style face mask, ominous cauldron and overzealous tong waving. I am infatuated with them all would love to know what kind of mind produced them.

Found in Stamford Hill, London. The guy in the shop told me they were 'modern', but since his shop was a cornucopia of kitsch stock dating mainly from the 1960's and 70's, I'm guessing this could mean the 1980's. (Any strange colours or cropping in the pictures is how they appeared and not just my bad scanning skills) I have some others to add soon too that are even more psychedelic, once I find an A3 scanner and some patience

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  1. Hi Ali, just been perusing your lovely site and blog. You must've put some serious work into collecting/scanning/uploading all of this wonderful artwork! I'm impressed with your attention to detail.
    I love these Jewish postcard pics. The one at the top featuring the guy with the yellow 'cheeks and nose' mask is pretty spooky.

    Keep up the great work. Si